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Mertens, Siggi
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Because of the positive encouragement in your comments (on YouTube), I finally decided to record my own tuition DVD. On that record you find my own material, lessons that aren’t available on YouTube including a booklet with some tabs of my solos as well as backing tracks and much more.

On the record you find a great variety of different styles. Because of the international audience I decided to do this one in English, too.

In the first part I explain an electric guitar solo with different parts from easy to advanced. I recorded it in ‘99 for the Marilyn CD ‘Hinterher’. You get the backing track as well with the tabs and I added some technical exercises that fit to the playback.

Another important part is about how to create your tone, i.e. vibrato and its use in solo and rock chords.

In the acoustic department you’ll find one chapter in which I explain how to accompany a simple song in 10 different ways. Moreover there’s some acoustic blues stuff as well as a story narrated by the guitar. My best loved style, melody and chords in one can’t be missed as well as…

This material is something that you do not find on YouTube (and never will). Here now I can show my own style of playing solo guitar and present my favourite techniques on the acoustic guitar.

So you see there’s something in it for everyone.

Some call him Germany´s best known music teacher (MDR, Jump Radio) others Simply Internet´s Greatest Guitar Instructor (SIGGI). His guitar lessons on the net have made him popular and by this time nearly 20.000 clicks a day reflect the interest guitar lovers take in his teaching skills. There are thousands of positive comments describing the lessons´ quality.

“This DVD is for nearly every stage of guitar playing. In more than 30 years of teaching I´ve experienced that the all important tutor´s aim is to inspire. You can´t keep away someone who wants to learn a certain piece by telling thatr person to try an easier one at first.” (Siggi Mertens)

The skills you can learn from this DVD are:
  • How to create your tone
  • Learning solo guitar (beginners – advanced)
  • How to accompany a song in lots of different ways
  • Playing melody and chords simultaneously
  • How to play acoustic blues
  • Learn scales and arpeggios
  • Rock chords
  • How to tell a story on the guitar

Für die deutschsprachigen Kunden: Die DVD ist zwar in englischer Sprache – Siggi Mertens ist aber nicht nur Gitarren- (Musik-) sondern auch Englischlehrer. Seine Ausführungen sind also in leicht verständlichem Schulenglisch gehalten.

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