Genial! Geschichte 4 - Bilingual: The Cold War

Geschichte bilingual: Der Kalte Krieg

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Genial! Geschichte 4 - Bilingual: The Cold War

Geschichte bilingual: Der Kalte Krieg

46 Seiten (14,6 MB)
Lemberger Group
Fierling, Sandra / Machotka, Sheena / Schwarz, Irene

Für bilingualen Unterricht konzipierte Arbeitsblätter zu Cold War. Auch zum Setzen von bilingualen Schwerpunken in GSP (Geschichte und SoWi / Politik) bestens geeignet.

Inhalt / Content:
  • Introduction
  • The World in Conflict after 1945
  • Developing Countries
  • Turning Points
  • Post-War Austria
  • Post-War Card Game
  • Dictionary
  • Solutions

This book has been compiled to help you integrate History into your classroom.

It is enriched material in English to accompany “Genial! Geschichte 4“.

We are sure the children will benefit from using this book, not only to introduce them to some English terminology but also to anchor their knowledge of the subject they are learning in German at the same time.

This book is designed to be flexible. Pages are topic-based and the basic information is high-lighted in a square. Activities for the children follow, enabling them to immerse themselves in the subject matter. New vocabulary is provided at the bottom of each page. Furthermore, you can find a complete glossary at the end of the book. The activities can also be used in partner and pair work as well as in open learning.

We also hope that these activities will open up more possibilities of using English in the His-tory lesson. Artefacts can be drawn and labelled, children can compile their own word grid and crosswords for the class or for their friends. Discussions in English on various topics can be arranged in class as the basic information is now available in English. Children can make their own games, using information in the book, such as domino or memory. Even board games are now possible. Posters can be made and displayed.

As English has become such an important language for Austria (inter-cultural learning now knows no bounds thanks to the computer and the Internet) we hope we have been of service in offering you this book.

Materialien für den bilingualen Geschichtsunterricht. Ob Englisch als Arbeitssprache oder offener Unterricht: diese Zusatzmaterialien bieten interessante Arbeitsaufgaben und Texte in englischer Sprache zur Festigung und Vertiefung historischer Inhalte:

  • ideal als Grundlage für Englisch als Arbeitssprache
  • ideal als Möglichkeit für begabungsdifferenziertes Unterrichten: Jene SchülerInnen, die früher mit Aufgabenstellungen fertig sind, bekommen neue die englischsprachig sind
  • ideal für Hochbegabtenförderung, die Spaß machen soll
  • als Grundlage für schulautonome Maßnahmen
  • zur Erarbeitung von Zusammenhängen
  • zur Schulung ganzheitlichen Denkens in Englisch

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