Teacher's Friend - Photocopiable Classroom Activities

Spielevorlagen für den Englischunterricht

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Teacher's Friend - Photocopiable Classroom Activities

Spielevorlagen für den Englischunterricht

76 Seiten (10,5 MB)
bel - Verlag & Sprachen
Baylie, Beate / Schweizer, Karin
Gymnasium, Hauptschule, Realschule

Spielevorlagenbuch – photocopiable classroom activities – für Schülerinnen und Schüler, einsetzbar im Nachhilfeunterricht und im Vertretungsunterricht, zusätzlich zum normalen Lehrwerk, in Sommerkursen usw. – und natürlich für den ganz normalen Englischunterricht. Nutzen Sie z.B. die letzten Stunden vor den Ferien – und spielen Sie ein paar auflockernde Lernspiele!

Einfach kopieren und sofort spielen… Von Grammatik, über Zahlen – bis hin zu Vokabeln; hier finden Sie alles!

Über 70 Seiten unterhaltsam Englisch lernen.

Folgende Spiele sind in dieser Spielesammlung:
  • Game 1: Crazy Food Pictionary, Goal: Ice Breaker, Animals & Food Vocabulary
  • Game 2: Job Dominoes, Goal: Simple Present & Professions Vocabulary
  • Game 3: Roulette Sentences, Goal: Adverbs of Frequency, Simple Past & Word Order
  • Game 4: Let’s Talk, Goal: Simple Present
  • Game 5: Noughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe), Goal: Tenses in Questions
  • Game 6: That Sounds Good!, Goal: Homophone
  • Game 7: Secret Messages, Goal: Numbers & Alphabet
  • Game 8: ID CARD, Goal: Personal Data & Asking Questions
  • Game 9: Back to Front, Goal: Tenses & Building Questions
  • Game 10: Battleships, Goal: Tenses, Questions & Negations, Word Order
  • Game 11: Mix & Match, Goal: Nouns & Adjectives
  • Game 12: Irregular Verbs Bingo, Goal: Irregular Verbs
  • Game 13: Imagine, Goal: Irregular Verbs
  • Game 14: Question Time, Goal: Question Words
  • Game 15: Creative Dominoes, Goal: Compound Nouns
  • Game 16: Busy Body Questions, Goal: Questions, Question Words & Tenses
  • Game 17: Taboo, Goal: Practising Descriptions
  • Game 18: Dream House, Goal: General Vocabulary
  • Game 19: In the Fridge & Under The Bed, Goal: Vocabulary Game
  • Game 20: Going to…, Goal: Going to Future

Welcome to the bel Teacher‘s Friend. The bel concept is to teach English to anybody of any age and to make sure that our students have fun while they are learning. Having fun while learning a foreign language is an often underestimated essential tool in language acquisition.

This collection of simple yet effective games can be used to introduce vocabulary, practise grammatical structures and consolidate existing skills without the student really realising the teacher‘s aims.

Simply photocopy the worksheets, cards or gameboards and have an instant lesson at your fingertips. The games have been designed to allow for the size, age and ability of your class. Variations on the basic games have also been suggested so that you can either go further indepth on a particular topic or go ‘freestyle’ and get a feel for the existing knowledge your students have.

Having fun while learning has numerous advantages. For example, your class can bond faster thus reducing shyness and reluctance to speak in front of strangers; knowledge retention is enhanced when a student is more relaxed; a positive feeling for the English language is engendered often leading to more self-confidence in using the language outside the ‘safety’ of the classroom; and of course, who wants to sit and learn or teach in a stuffy, boring atmosphere?

The following pages are filled with an overview of the aims of the games, materials or preparation required and instructions regarding the rules. However, you are of course free to make up your own rules and games with the sheets provided.

Have fun!

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