Ernährung Fitness Wellness - Fit 4 U - Fit 4 Life

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Ernährung Fitness Wellness - Fit 4 U - Fit 4 Life

Englisch als Arbeitssprache

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Lemberger Group
Thiel, Bernhard
3 (2014)
Gymnasium, Berufsschule, Hauptschule, Realschule

This folder is a collection of tasks that can be used as a supplement to “Ernährung, Fitness, Wellness”. It provides a lot of material for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) lessons in English. The topics covered are healthy nutrition as well as approaches to a successful consumer education which strongly relates to finding one’s personal lifestyle.

Some tasks are directly linked with the modules in the book (see reference boxes). Most of the tasks are new and complement the modules in the book. The folder offers a new variety of methods in consumer education. The basic method is – as it has already been covered in the main book – to give children the chance for individual research in order to understand the principles of keeping fit by oneself. Only if they really understand “why” they should do certain things and accordingly avoid harmful ways of living, they will be more likely to adapt their lifestyle.

You will find all words that are printed in italic letters in the glossary at the end of the folder. They are listed in the same order as they appear in the text.

Table of contents
  • You are what you eat – Test yourself!
  • What does healthy nutrition mean?
  • How to store healthy products?
  • Digestion – the path of food through your body
  • Carbohydrates – Food for your brain!
  • Good carbohydrates – bad carbohydrates
  • Preparing a real energy breakfast
  • Proteins for muscles, blood & co.
  • Your body needs fat
  • Vitamins – the key to your fitness
  • Which food contains vitamins?
  • Carbohydrates, proteins and “good” fat – an “all in one menu”
  • Eating out at a fast food restaurant
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables – Excursion to a market
  • Tips for your personal fitness
  • Train your fitness – Check your pulse
  • How much energy do I need per day?
  • Favourite food versus daily energy needs
  • Your personal fitness check – Steps to a healthy lifestyle
  • Lifestyles that harm your fitness
  • Eating disorders – a wrong path to your fitness
  • When companies try to make money with your fitness…
  • The fitness and wellness game
  • Glossary

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