Grammar Modules - Texte und Arbeitsblätter zur Grammatikwiederholung

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Grammar Modules - Texte und Arbeitsblätter zur Grammatikwiederholung

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Morris, Susan

Die Kopiervorlagen Grammar Modules ergänzen den fortgeschrittenen Englischunterricht in Schule und Erwachsenenbildung.

Jedes Modul enthält einen Kurztext und Verständnisfragen sowie ein worksheet mit Übungen für die Gruppen und Partnerarbeit.

Grammar Modules is intended for teachers of conversation courses where supplementary grammar revision is desired. The 15 modules are designed to be used independently at the discretion of the teacher.

Each unit is made up of two pages to be copied for the student and a complete lesson plan for the teacher. The first page for the student begins with an introductory activity to get students thinking (and talking) about some aspect of the reading passage which follows. Along with the text there are questions designed not only to test the student´s comprehension but also to prompt speculation about what is happening in the story, as these are usually open to interpretation.

The second page – a worksheet – focusses the student´s attention on a major point of English grammar contained in the reading passage. The worksheet begins with an inductive analysis of the grammar in question; the student is aksed to pick out examples from the text and find rules for their use. This is followed by guided practice. The final exercise is a more open activity allowing for student input. Group and pair work predominate thoughout. The completed worksheet becomes the student´s personal grammar reference.

Teacher´s notes provide detailed suggestions for exploiting the possibilities of both the reading text and the grammar worksheet.

  • Comparison of adjectives – Lost
  • Adverbs – The Novel
  • Articles – The Footballer
  • Conditional sentences – The Broker
  • Future tense – The Scandal
  • Uses of the gerund – Changes
  • Indirect speech – The Ordeal
  • Modal verbs – School
  • Phrasal verbs – The Row
  • The passive – The News
  • Past tense – Cowboys
  • Present perfect tense – The Budget
  • Present tense – Progress
  • Reflexive pronouns – Helen
  • Some and any – The Driver

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